King of the City tournament series is comprised of  tournaments hosted by the league. Teams will earn points for either placing or participating in any of the King of the City Series tournaments. At the end of the football/tournament season, the team in each age group, with the highest point total is crowned King of the City. The KOC trophy is presented to the winning teams at the winning teams’ preference.

Teams will earn points for the following:

1st Place – 40 points
2nd Place – 30 Points
3rd Place – 20 Points
4th Place – 10 Points
Participation – 5 Points

Below is a list of the three tournaments that are part of the King Of the City Tournament Series and their point value.

Gridiron Preseason Classic – Regular Points
Clash of the Titans – Double Points
Rumble in the Jungle  – Double Points
Quick Hit – Double Points

Why participate in the King Of the City Tournament series?

Bragging rights – Winning the KOC series Tournament recognizes your team as the best in OKC for your age group
Tournament Seeding – KOC tournaments will use the team’s current point total to seed local teams for tournaments
Award Presentation – The team that wins the KOC will be presented a team trophy during the GOYFA (gold) Championship Games

Please check out our current standings by clicking on the link below.