Coaches, please take the time to read over the entire rules section before playing a game. If you have any questions or need an interpretation of a rule contact the Tournament Director or ask the referee prior to the game. Not knowing or understanding the rules prior to playing your game will not be an excuse for failing to follow the rules.


  • Teams will play by the following age groups:
    • 6 year old = 1st grade
    • 7 year old = 2nd grade
    • 8 year old = 3rd grade
    • 9 year old = 4th grade
    • 10 year old = 5thgrade
    • 11 year old = 6th grade
    • 12 year old = 7th grade
  • The cut-off date for (local teams) age based team is May 1, of the current year.
  • Teams from different states & cities may play with their current league roster according to their own league rules, however this process must be cleared & approved by the tournament director prior to registering your team to assure that the team is placed in the correct division.  Only players that are qualified to participate on teams existing league roster will qualify for any exemption that may apply.  No exemption will apply for additional players not on team’s league roster for that current year.
  • No player can be on two tournament rosters of the same tournament.
  • All Head Coaches are responsible for insuring that all the players on his/her team have been properly checked in by the tournament staff before that player is approved for participation in tournament games


  • All game are played by the OSSSA High School Rules unless superseded by a tournament rules listed in the Game rules section of this document.
  • All Teams (players & coaches) must checked in before participation in tournaments. A maximum of five (5) coaching passes will be given per team. All other members of the team must pay the entry fee.
  • Tournament rosters must be on filled out prior to teams 1st game and turned in when checking into tournament. No player can be added after 1st game is complete.
  • Teams can only play players listed on the tournament roster. Any team caught violating this rule the team will forfeit the game and will be eliminated from the tournament with no refund.
  • Teams must have league photo ID cards or birth certificates of each player available at each game to verify a player eligibility if questioned.
  • Only players & coaches will be allowed on sideline during games.
  • Parents must stay behind rope or designated restricted area & off sidelines. No warnings will be given & team will be penalized 15 yards per infraction.
  • Coaches are responsible behavior of parents, player, and fans on their sidelines. Inappropriate behavior by any player, coach or fan can/will result in the violating team being banned & escorted from the ball park immediately, or the violation will result in a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty or forfeit of the game.
  • Any player or coach ejected from a game, regardless of the reason, will be ineligible for participation in the next game.
  • If an issues with a referee or interpretation of game rules can’t be resolved between the head coach and referee and the head coach can ask for the Head Referee to resolve the matter. The team requesting the head referee will be charged a time out. All issues with referees will be handled by the head referee and their decision is final. The Tournament Director will not overturn any decision made by a referee or Head Referee during the game.
  • Gate charges for tournament will be $6 dollars for adults (13 & up) & $2 dollars for kids not participating in the tournament.
  • Teams can bring in 1 IGLOO JUG for the team water and players can bring in their personal water jug. NO ICE CHEST, or any other OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS will be allowed by fans, etc. Team water jugs or subject to search if requested by gate personnel.
  • Games will consist of (4) 8 minute quarters plus have a minimum of 2 officials & 1 scoreboard operator provided. Teams will be responsible for providing 3 personnel to run the down box and chain crew. Referee will coordinate.


  • No weight limit on ball carriers
  • Blitzing is allowed in all divisions with the exception of the 6 & 7 yr. old divisions.  In the 6 & 7 division only – no player will be allowed to stand in a 2 point stance at the line of scrimmage and blitz between the tackles or box area. (No Restrictions on any players outside the “Box Area” or at a normal linebacker depth position or in a 3 point stance at the line of scrimmage.)
  • Each team can use their own league regulated ball (6 – 10 = K2 or larger / 11 – 12 = TDJ or larger).
  • Ages 8 – 11 will kick off. Ages 6 –7 will start on the 20 yd. line on an 80 yd. field & from the 30 yd. line on a 100 yd. field. The kicking team will kick off using the receiving team’s ball.
  • Automatic punts only in ages 6 – 8 divisions & is equal to 2 first downs. All other age divisions will have live (not protected) punts & field goal attempts.
  • Extra points are as followed: Run Play = 1 pt. / Forward Pass = 2 pts/ Kick = 2 pt.
  • Teams can attempt field goal attempts on fields equipped with field goals post. Field goals attempts are not protected (opposing team can rush the kicker) and are worth 3 points.
  • In ages 5/6 and 7 one (1) coach from each team may remain on the field to organize his/her player positions and call the plays. The coach should position himself or herself ten (10) yards behind the nearest player. Once the line is set and the offensive cadence has started there will be no communication with a player by either team. Violations to this rule will result in a warning on the first offense and unsportsmanlike penalty for each offense afterward. Coaches are on the field to instruct their players, any overly aggressive actions or language used to intimidate players on the field may result in removal off the playing field, ejection or a personal conduct penalty at the discretion of the referee.
  • 1 coach & 1 player will be allowed to roam the entire sideline. All other coaches and players must remain in the “players’ box” area marked off between the 30 yard line markers.
  • After a team is ahead by 40 points or more, the clock will convert to a running clock and will no longer be stopped except for timeouts.


  1. Best Record
  2. Head to Head
  3. Points allowed during the tournament
  4. Points scored during the tournament


  • Each team will get 2 possessions from the 10 yard line
  • If game is still tied, then the ball will be moved to the 50 yard line & both teams will be given 4 offensive plays to get as many yards as possible. Each team must run 4 plays unless a turnover occurs. The team with the most yards wins the game.


Team A gets the ball& in their 4 plays & they score on 1st down (50 yds.) & on 2nd down they get (3 yds), 3rd down they lose (-2 yds.) & 4th down they get (15 yds.). 50 + 3 + 15 – 2 = 66 yards.

Team B gets the ball & fumbles on 1st down & defense recovers. Their total is 0 yards & Team A wins the game if they run a play with positive yards.

However, if Team B fumbles on 3rd down after scoring 2 touchdowns (50 + 50) then their final total is 100 yards & Team B wins.


  • There will be a $100.00 cash deposit fee in order to file any protest. If protest is found to be valid, then the deposit will be returned.
  • However, if deposit is not found to be valid, then the deposited will be forfeited and will not be returned.
  • No investigation will be conducted on any player until cash deposit has been paid.
  • Tournament directors will conduct a close meeting with the head coach of both team and possible violator only.
  • Any team caught playing an ineligible player(s) will be immediately removed from game and team will forfeit any games that that player participated in, and the coach will be immediately ejected from the tournament. There is “A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY” for playing ineligible players.
  • Violation may also result in the violating team being removed from the tournament without any refund, to include team entry fee & parent/fan gate charge.